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Lionel Dahmer Net Worth

Lionel Dahmer is American citizen, media personality, analytical scientist, and father of American serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer . Between 1978 and 1991, his son is suspected of killing, sexually abusing, and dismembering seventeen men, women, and boys. On the other hand, Lionel is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin and Marquette University; Dahmer is also known for the book A Father’s Story.


Lionel Dahmer’s Biography is an odyssey through the corridors of academia, a narrative woven with the fabric of intellectual pursuits and professional endeavours. The narrative of his life is an engrossing investigation of a mind that explored the complexities of criminal psychology and human nature.


Lionel Dahmer’s wealth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2024. He has experience working in Akron, Ohio, as a researcher and analytical chemist.

Daniel George, the circuit judge for Columbia County, granted Herbert’s plea to have his son’s brain burned.The court ultimately ruled in December 1995 that Jeffrey’s brain would be burned, which was preserved in formaldehyde since his autopsy. Follow us here at Dick Vitale Net Worth

Lionel Dahmer Wiki: 

Lionel Dahmer Bio
Full NameLionel Herbert Dahmer
Nick NameLionel Dahmer
ProfessionAnalytical Chemist
Age87 years old
BirthdayJuly 29, 1936,
Zodiac SignLeo
BirthplaceWest Allis, Wisconsin
Live inOhio, US

Body Measurements
Height6 ft 
Body TypeSlim
Shoe Size10
Dress SizeNone
Sexual OrientationStraight
Eyes ColourHazel Gray
Hair ColourBlack
Boyfriend, Relationship & HusbandRelationship StatusIn a Relationship
GirlfriendLisa Marie
WifeStephanie Hobgood
Marital StatusMarried
Family, Parents & FriendsFather NameHerbert Walter Dahmer
Mother NameCatherine Jemima Hughes
SonJeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Career and Awards
Year Active1960 to 2000
Income SourcesJobs, Books
Monthly income$15k
Social Media AccountsInstagramUnknown
Favorite ThingsFavourite FoodPizza
Favorite Drink                    Cold Drink
Favorite AnimalDog
Favorite MovieSpiderman
Favourite Sport                   Football
Favorite Car                      Lamborghini
Favourite Actress                   Anne Hataway
Favourite ActorMark Wahlberg
Favourite Colour                   Drak Blue
Favourite Destination               Paris

CollageMarquette University
UniversityWisconsin University, Lowa State University
DegreeMaster of Science, Doctor of Philosophy

Net Worth
2024$5 Million
2023$4.7 Million
2022$4.5 Million
2021$4 Million
2020$3.8 Million

Lionel Dahmer Early Life Education:

Lionel is an American miscellaneous born on July 29, 1936, in West Allis, Wisconsin. He is best known for being the father of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. He attended West Allis Central High School and later graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Almost two decades after Dahmer’s death, in August 2012, his childhood home in Bath, Ohio, where Jaffery committed his first murder in 1978 and buried the remains of his victim, was listed for sale..

He is known for his work on Biography (1987), Dateline NBC (1992) and Everyman (1976).

Lionel Dahmer worked as an analytical chemist for the Milwaukee Sewage Treatment Plant. He belonged to the American Chemical Society as well.

Lionel Dahmer used most of the book’s proceeds to cover legal fees. He was sued by the relatives of two victims because he used their identities in the book without getting their permission. 

Lionel Dahmer Career:

Because of his shameful son, Lionel Dahmer has gained attention. He was arrested for the 17 victims Jeffrey had murdered, raped, and dismembered. He was sentenced to prison for ten months after being convicted of second-degree sexual assault. 


Herbert wrote a letter to Judge William Gardner 10 months into Jeffrey’s prison sentence.

Through the letter, Lionel begs for assistance or intervention before his son Jeffrey’s release. 


Dahmer later made an appearance in the 2020 series, when he discussed his first response to Jeffrey’s untimely death in 1994. When Lionel learned that Jeffrey had been killed, he said he was distraught.

A Father’s Story:

He released the memoir “A Father’s Story” that same year. In the book, Dahmer recounts his son’s upbringing as he tried to search for a part in factors that he believed would lead to his son’s actions. Dahmer discussed his son’s behaviour on CNN” ‘s Larry King Live and Lionel that Jeffrey missed an aberrant behaviour in his son.

He went on to say that his kid would ride into areas of woodland and rangeland with little to no traffic in order to gather dead animals that were between the ages of 12 and 14.

Remembering his son’s action, Dahmer advised other parents to look for in training their kids. He also told other parents not to ignore shyness. Instead, parents should talk deeply and intensely.

Father-Son Relationship: 

Lionel’s relationship with his son changed after his imprisonment. He discussed the revitalised relationship between them on the Oprah Winfrey Show. At that time, he used to go to his son once a month. Jeffrey and Lionel used to have a weekly phone conversation. 

He was blamed for using his book and claims for mere publicity. On the matter, he revealed that he wanted to help raise recognition and help create treatment options and alternatives by sharing his tragic story with his son.

Sued File:

Jeffrey’s two victims’ families sued Dahmer in March 1994. The victims’ families charged him with occupying their privacy by counting them in his book. By law, Lionel was required to obtain the two families’ formal consent before writing about them in his book. Whether on purpose or by accident, Dahmer broke the rules by including Richard Guerrero and David Thomas in his autobiography, A Father’s Story.

Lionel Dahmer’s Personal Life:

Lionel Dahmer was married to Joyce Flint. Together, The pair had two kids, David and Jeffrey. Dahmer found out about Joyce’s extra-marital affair in 1997. After that, the pair decided to part ways with divorce. Dahmer revealed that his ex-wife had a mental illness when Joyce was pregnant with Jeffrey.

Joyce was also a valetinguinary when his son was just a kid. Flint also refused to comfort Jeffrey and had a fear of contracting an infectious disease. After separation from his first wife, Dahmer has since remarried. His second wife, though, has stayed out of the spotlight. In the Jeffrey Dahmer Story Netflix series, Richard Jenkins portrayed Lionel’s reel persona.

Assets and Investments:

Among his many holdings were a ranch in Arizona and a house in Wisconsin. He also held several businesses, including a chemical company and a restaurant. In addition, he had investments in stocks and bonds.

In addition, Lionel Dahmer had a number of automobiles, including fancy cars and yachts. He was an avid traveller and often took vacations with his family.

Lionel Dahmer was an author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Despite the horrific crimes of his son, Lionel Dahmer maintained a strong faith in God and dedicated his life to helping others. His net worth is around $3 million, and he owns several businesses, properties, and investments.It will never fade that Lionel Dahmer was a man of exceptional moral character. 

Personal Life & Other Ventures:

Beyond the walls of academia, Lionel Dahmer’s personal life encompasses both intellectual and recreational endeavours. The facets of his life outside the scholarly realm contribute to the multifaceted nature of his character and, by extension, his financial legacy.


The life and wealth of Lionel Dahmer convey the story of a man whose financial situation is inextricably linked to his contributions to knowledge and experiences. His legacy is not confined to numbers but reverberates through academia and human understanding.

Lionel Dahmer F.A.Q.s:

Q: Is Lionel Dahmer alive?

    NO Lionel Dahmer is not alive.

Q: How old is Lionel Dahmer?

    Lionel Dahmer is around 87 years old.

Q: What is Lionel Dahmer’s net worth?

    $5 million.

Q: What is Lionel Dahmer famous for?

    As the father of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Q: Who is Lionel Dahmer’s wife?

   Joyce Dahmer is the wife of Lionel Dahmer, who is wed to Shari Dahmer.